Multichannel Communication: Approve & reject posts

Admins must approve or reject posts created by users who do not have publishing permissions.

Review a post

Post creators select an approver for their post when it is ready to be reviewed. As an Admin, you are notified when a user requests your approval on a post.

To review a post, click on the post in "Dashboard" under the "Needs my approval" tab to open the editor view. 


Posts in the list are sorted by published date if the post creator has set one. If there are posts waiting for approval where the set published date has passed, these will be shown in the "Overdue" tab. 

Alternatively, you can click the "New content waiting for your approval" in-app notification to open the post.

In the editor, you can see the content of the post and all the configured settings.

Note #1:

As an approver, you cannot change the content or any settings in the post.

Note #2:

The post creator can, at any point during the approval process, “Withdraw” the post to make additional changes to it. As an Approver, if a post you are reviewing is withdrawn, you cannot approve or reject it anymore. 

You can add comments to the post before you approve or reject it, and these will be visible to the post creator to review.

Comment on a post

Before you reject a post, you can add a comment to explain to the post creator why you are rejecting it and suggest any changes they can make before resubmitting it for approval. You can add a comment by highlighting a piece of content and clicking the comment icon.


If the post creator has added their own comments before submitting it for approval, you can reply under the comment itself.

Note #1:

Comments will remain visible in the editor when the post has been published.

Note #2:

There is no real-time collaboration in the editor. New comments are only visible to the other party after the post has been submitted for approval by the post creator or approved or rejected by the approver.

You can delete and edit your own comments. If a comment that includes replies is deleted, the whole thread, including the original comment and all replies, is deleted.

Approve or reject a post

After reviewing the content and settings, and potentially adding comments, you must select to approve or reject the post, which can be done via the "Approve" or "Reject" buttons.

The post creator is notified of your decision with an in-app notification. The post creator will be able to see and reply to your comments after you've rejected or approved the post:


If you reject a post, the creator can resubmit it for approval if they wish.

If you approve the post and a scheduled date and time had been set by the post creator before they submitted it for approval, the post will go into the publishing queue automatically for the set date and time and will be visible on the calendar.


As an approver, you cannot set or change the date and time the post will be published.

If the creator had not set a scheduled date and time before requesting approval, they must select to publish the post after you have approved it. The post creator can click to open an approved, unscheduled post in the "Dashboard" under the "Ready for publishing" tab. Then, they select "Publish now" or "Schedule for later" for the post to be published now or later.


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