Approving and rejecting posts

Users without publishing permissions in the Studio need their posts to be approved or rejected by admins. To publish posts, you need "Publish posts" permission.

Review a post

Post creators select an approver for their post when it is ready to be reviewed. As an Admin, you receive an in-app notification when a user requests your approval on a post.

  1. Select the notification to open the post in the Studio, or find it from Dashboard > Tasks for today > Needs my approval
    • If there are posts waiting for approval where the set published date has passed, these will be shown in the Overdue tab.
  2. You can view the post content and settings but cannot modify them. You can leave comments on a post that the creator can respond to after your approval or rejection. This might be helpful if you plan to reject the post to explain to the post creator why you are rejecting it and suggest any changes they can make before resubmitting it for approval. If the post creator has added their own comments before submitting it for approval, you can reply to their comments. Comments remain visible in the editor after the post is published.
    1. Highlight a piece of content, e.g., a sentence
    2. Select the comment icon that pops up or from the editor toolbar
    3. Enter your comment
    4. Select the green checkmark to add your comment
  3. Choose to Approve or Reject in the toolbar.
  4. A notification about your choice is sent to the post creator.
    • If you reject a post, the creator can resubmit it for approval if they wish.

    • If you approve the post and a scheduled date and time had been set by the post creator before they submitted it for approval, the post will go into the publishing queue automatically for the set date. If the creator had not set a scheduled date and time before requesting approval, they must select to publish the post after you have approved it.

The post creator can, at any point during the approval process, withdraw the post to make additional changes to it. If a post you are reviewing is withdrawn, you can't approve or reject it anymore.

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