Using Surveys as a user

As a user, you can respond to surveys and discuss your feedback with your manager by accessing the user view for surveys from the gadfsfafsa.png icon in the navigation bar. All Surveys roles can access the user view for surveys. A notification badge displays on the icon when you have unanswered surveys.

You can see a Surveys section with all surveys sent to you and a Feedback section with all ongoing feedback conversations with your manager.

user view of surveys.png

Respond to a survey

You can reply to surveys by opening them from the channel where you received them or in the user view for surveys on the platform. When you access, you will see all the surveys you have received, including those that are open, those that are closed, and those that you have already responded to.

  • You can respond to open surveys by selecting Respond
  • You can re-respond to surveys you have already answered if the survey is still running by selecting Responded > Answer again. Your new answers replace the previous ones.
  • You cannot interact with closed surveys.

Discuss given feedback

Whenever you answer an open-answer survey question, you create an opportunity for a feedback conversation with your manager. If your manager responds to one of your open answers, a new conversation is automatically generated. You can access all your conversations in the user view for surveys > Feedback section.

a feedback conversation with a manager in surveys.png

Each conversation corresponds to a specific question, and you can easily read through each question's chat history and respond to continue the conversation. You will be notified via email when your manager responds to the conversation.

Your name is always kept anonymous from your manager in these conversations, but you can see your manager's name when they respond.

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