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In the Haiilo mobile app, you can access and interact with pages and their contents similarly to the browser version. To access pages, you need the "Access pages" permission.

Find a page in the app

  1. Select in the bottom navigation bar
  2. Select Pages to open the Pages overview. You can see your Subscribed pages and All pages you have access to.
  3. Select a page to open it. You can also search for a page by using the icon or filter by category.

View a page

When you open a page, you'll see the apps of that page displayed as tabs in the upper area.

  • Native apps: The first three native apps of a page display as separate tabs.
  • All: This tab displays all the page's apps and app groups. 
  • Info: This tab includes information on the page, including the page description, number of subscribers, category label, and your subscription status. You can unsubscribe from a page from this tab.

When an app on a page contains widgets, such as the Content app or a blog article of a Blog app, you'll only see the widgets in it that are natively supported for the mobile app, as long as the individual native widgets are enabled for mobile.

To understand natively and non-natively supported apps and widgets, read Apps on mobile and Widgets on mobile, respectively.

In the mobile app, it is not possible to add or edit apps and widgets. Please refer to the following guides for the browser: Adding content to pages for information about adding apps and Adding widgets for information on adding widgets.

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