Mobile App: Pages & Communities

The Haiilo mobile app can also access your pages and communities.

This article explains which content of pages & communities can be displayed natively in the app and what else is possible.


In order for a user to view pages and communities within the Haiilo mobile app, the user needs one or both of the following permissions:

  • Access for pages
  • Access for communities


To access pages and/or communities within the Haiilo mobile app, the user must first click on the three dashes in the navigation. Then, depending on the permission, there are the two options "Pages" and "Communities".


After clicking on one of the two options, the user first sees all the pages to which he is subscribed or all the communities to which he is a member.

In another tab called "All", all pages/communities that the user can generally access are displayed.


Additionally, in the communities are, there is a tab to display the open invitations to communities.


Display of apps

When a page or community is accessed, the apps of the page/community are displayed in the upper area in addition to the standard information of the page/community.


The first three native apps of the page/community are always displayed in the order in which they are created on the page/community. All other apps are displayed in the "All" tab.

You can tell which apps have been natively developed for the Haiilo mobile app by whether or not there is a redirect icon on the app. If there is a redirect icon, clicking on the app will open the mobile browser with the app.


Display of widgets

The apps of a site/community that contain widgets (e.g. the content app or a blog article in the blog app) can always display all widgets directly within the Haiilo mobile app that have been developed natively for the app. You can always tell which ones are in this article.


All other non-native widgets, will not be displayed.

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