User directory: Human Resource Information System (HRIS)

You can use an HR tool such as Personio or Workday to sync employee data to Haiilo as a one-way sync.

Synchronization and limitations

Haiilo uses "" as a bridge between Haiilo and your HR tool. Two synchronization steps are happening for a user directory sync:

  • HR tool →
  • → Haiilo

Thus, compared to other directly connected user directories in Haiilo, the HRIS sync is delayed. By default, "" syncs once a day.

There are two limitations to an HRIS user directory:

  • Not all properties can be used as login name (currently only "workEmail")
  • Not all user profile fields of the actual HR tools are available (currently only "mobilePhoneNumber")

Set up an HRIS user directory

To set up a Human Resource Information System (HRIS) user directory for Haiilo, you need to approach our service desk, as this option is not enabled by default in the Haiilo platform.

Within Haiilo, the setup is initially very similar to an LDAP user directory setup. On top of that, you need to configure your HR tool via a link you will receive from Haiilo. Based on this configuration, we will create an account token that you need to add to your Haiilo configuration to establish a connection to


Select Test Connection to quickly check if everything is set up correctly.

User Login

After a user is synced from an HRIS into Haiilo, they can log in. For this, they need to either use the forgotten password function on the login page or log in via an authentication provider that uses the "workEmail" field to match the users.

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