User directory: Human Resource Information System (HRIS)

You can use an HR system such as Personio or Workday to sync employee data to Haiilo as a one-way sync. For this, you need to request to have the Human Resource Information System (HRIS) user directory option activated in your platform.

Basics of an HRIS user directory

Haiilo integrates with your HR tool using as a bridge. Two synchronization steps are involved in syncing the user directory:

  • Your HR tool →
  • → Haiilo

This means that the HRIS sync is delayed. By default, syncs once a day.

Supported user profile fields

The profile fields that can be mapped via an HRIS user directory are listed below. Hardcoded fields are always applied.

Hardcoded Optional
  • email (workEmail)
  • first name
  • last name
  • team (teamName OR teamGroupName)
  • employment start date (startDate)
  • personal email (personalEmail)
  • mobile phone (mobilePhone)
  • job title (jobTitle)
  • user group (groupGroupName)
  • employee number (employeeNumber)
  • department (departmentGroupName)
  • cost center (costCenterGroupName)
  • company legal name (companyLegalName)
  • company display name (companyDisplayName)
  • business unit (businessUnitGroupName)
  • birthday (birthday)

The availability of specific fields can vary based on the HRIS provider and support provided by for the respective fields.

How users log in

After a user is synced from an HRIS, they can log in to Haiilo. For this, they need to either use the forgotten password function on the login page or log in via an authentication provider that uses the workEmail field to match the user.

Activate the HRIS user directory option

To set up an HRIS user directory for Haiilo, it needs to be activated, and a connection must be established between your HRIS system and

  1. Contact our Service Desk with a request for HRIS activation. Our team will enable the HRIS option in your platform and provide you with a magic link.
  2. Access the provided magic link and follow the steps to establish a connection between your HRIS system and
    • The link needs to be used within 7 days, or it expires. Please ask our team for a new link if the link expires before you can establish the connection.
  3. Inform our Service Desk that the connection has been established. Our team will retrieve and share an access token that you can use to set up the user directory in the Administration.

Set up an HRIS user directory

After the HRIS option has been activated for your platform, you can set the user directory in Haiilo up as follows:

  1. Go to Administration > User directories
  2. Select Create user directory to add a new user directory
  3. Enter a name
  4. Choose a type: Human Resource Information System (HRIS)
  5. Fill out the fields on each tab as detailed below


  1. Account token: Paste the account token you received from Haiilo's team in this field.
  2. Select Test Connection to check if the connection is validated.



  1. Remove local groups: Check if you want to remove the synced users from any local groups they've been added manually to in the User management in Haiilo.
  2. Remove other directory groups: Check if you want to remove the synced users from any other directory groups they've been added manually to with another directory sync.
  3. Username: Enter the attribute for username. We recommend using workEmail.

  4. The remaining fields are optional. You can synchronize users' profile fields from your HRIS system by mapping the available options.

There is currently no filtering for an HRIS user directory, meaning all users will be synced.


  1. To synchronize groups from a user directory, check Synchronize groups.
  2. Preserve groups: If Synchronize groups is disabled, you can check this field to preserve any previously synced groups for this specific user directory. This way, you can freeze the previously synced groups. If left unchecked, any previously synced groups and their memberships will be removed in the next sync.


  1. Page size: Defines how many items are synchronized per query. The maximum page size for is 100, so don't choose a higher value.
  2. Activation: If checked, new and restored users are activated during synchronization. Otherwise, you have to manually set the status of the users to Active in the user management.
  3. Orphaned users: Choose what happens to users that currently exist as active users on Haiilo, but no longer exist in the user directory. If you choose Ignore, they will remain unchanged.
  4. Restore users: If checked, a user who has been deactivated or deleted from Haiilo but is present again in the user directory during the sync will be reactivated. It's not possible to restore anonymized users. A previously anonymized user can only be created as a new user.


  1. Choose the synchronization frequency. If you choose Disabled, you run the sync manually.

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